There is nothing more delicious than a healthy freshly squeezed juice filled with everything you need to make you feel abundant energy and vitality.

Making juices is an awesome thing to do because...

  • They are packed full of nutrition and will give your body a boost

  • They are incredibly versatile - you can put whatever you like in them

  • They are easy to transport and can be used for lunch boxes or on the go

  • They can be frozen and used later

  • They can be made the night before and stored for a couple of days

  • They are a great filler when you are hungry and need a little something

  • They are beautiful and just looking at them will make you happy :)

I could go on but you get my drift.

Trina's Tip:  

You don't need to buy all different types of apples if you can't get them easily. I usually just use green and red.  I love to add ginger for an extra kick and often I add a couple of oranges too. It's really up to you to experiment and make it a juice you love.



Carrots - 2kg

Apples - 2 red

Beets - 1/2 uncooked beetroot

Apple - 2 green

Lemon - 1 without peel

Apples - 2 yellow

Ginger - 1//4 inch piece*

Oranges - 2 without peel**

*, ** Optional

Juice each ingredient and then stir and serve.

Adapted from a recipe by Don Tolman

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