• I am a qualified Food and Nutrition coach, NLP coach  and Life Coach .

  • I believe it is possible to see positive change in society through individual means. 

  • I believe that if we learn how to RESPECT ourselves, each other and the planet, we can change our world for the better

  • I believe our children really are the future and we owe it to them to be the best we can be

  • I'm not perfect but I am persistant

Hi, I'm Trina and I launched this site in 2017 to empower women like you to take back control of your life and be the best you can be.

I began my own coaching journey a few years ago and over time have learned many valuable lessons and discovered many useful tools that can help everyone. My mission is to share those tools with as many women as I can and start a ripple effect to create a more positive world.  

I know that if I am in the best I can be, that is going to benefit all those around me. It's a win-win situation.



Like many women, I had to rediscover my identity when I had my children. I went from a life of working, travelling and being independent to suddenly being home alone, isolated with three young children to take care of. 

I love and have always loved being at home with my children but I felt like I was beginning to lose myself.  I began to feel adrift with no sense of direction and as a result, I often felt frustrated, angry, depressed, overwhelmed and restricted by my lack of options and this inevitably had an effect on those around me. It was a downward spiral and I knew I needed change.


​I was introduced to a Life coach by chance and it was my turn-around point, the nudge I needed to get me focused and excited about life again. In a nutshell through the sessions I was able to

  • Believe in myself again

  • Set goals for myself AND follow through

  • Create my life rather than waiting for things to happen

  • Find solutions rather than staying stuck in the problem

  • Listen to myself and make decisions which I knew were right for me.

  • Stop worrying about what others thought

  • Run my life on my own terms and not on the expectations of others

  • Teach and inspire my children

  • Stop blaming others and accept responsibility for my life 

  • Put myself first so I could benefit others more






Over time things started coming together as I began to practise what I had learned.  I found focus, passion, enthusiasm and better health.   My confidence grew and I started creating the life I wanted. 

The benefits didn't just help me.   I could suddenly see how helping myself was having a positive effect all round.  Home life became sweeter and calmer and my sense of fun came back. Life became more joyful.

The best part was seeing the change in my children. To be able to gift them this knowledge and see them thrive on it, is amazing. I am so grateful that I have this opportunity and I want to share it with you.

Us women are often great at providing for others but we often neglect ourselves in the pursuit of keeping everyone else happy. AND THIS JUST DOESN'T WORK long term because you cant keep giving if there is nothing left to give.


Whatever area of your life you want to change - finances, relationships, emotions, spirituality, health and career, the time to start is now.


Together we will:


  • Come  up with a vision for the future you want

  • Set goals to work towards that future with a step by step action plan.

  • Resolve what is holding you back (limiting beliefs or negative emotion)

  • Discover new  ways of looking at situations for positive effect

  • Make you wish you had learned all this stuff years ago!


And most importantly you will have the support and encouragement you need to keep you on track and feeling inspired.


The most perfect time to start taking action is right now! I'm waiting to hear from you so we can get started. 

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Burst out ! And start living YOUR life now!