Are you living in a Bubble?

Most of us walk around in a bit of a bubble. We do the same things every day and stick to our same routines. How often do we really stop to THINK about what we are doing? To CONSCIOUSLY make our choices? More often than not we don’t because we've done them so many times before.

If we do experience something different or expect to experience something different, we do actually give it some thought. For example, if we have to drive somewhere we have never been to before we will probably think about the best route, the traffic, where to park, what time to leave, etc., and we will make some CONSCIOUS decisions to decide on our best options. If we drive to the same place every day we probably don’t give it a second thought.

Our lives are the same. If we really stop to think about some of the decisions we make, if we are more mindful of the present moment, and more grateful for what we have to begin with, we begin to see things differently. Bursting that bubble really means to start being more consciously aware of our choices.

Where does this food that I am eating actually come from? Why do I do follow this routine every day when I know that it is not doing me any good? Why do I say ‘yes’ when I really mean ‘no’? Why do I sit and watch TV every night when it makes me so tired? Why don’t I read that book I have always wanted to read? Why don’t I enrol on that course I have always wanted to do? Why don't I live the life I really want to? What is stopping me and how can I get over it?

If we can start to THINK about what we do, we become AWARE and our AWARENESS brings CLARITY or understanding about what we are doing and whether or not our choices are actually good for us and others. Only when we stop and think can we then start to make better and more informed choices...we can burst that bubble and break free…and live our very best lives.

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