So tell me what you want, what you really really want! .....Seven ways to get what you want

  1. Get focused – what do you really really want? Do you know? Have you given it any serious thought? What do you want right now, next week, this year, the next five years? Start focusing and thinking about what it is you do want then write it down. Your short term desires or goals and your long term.

  2. Stop complaining - How much energy do you expend complaining about what you don’t want in your life? Do you find yourself complaining to anyone who will listen? When you repeat over and over what you don’t want you are actually forming patterns in your brain to program you to get more of what you don’t want. Flip the switch and stop complaining and start concentrating on what you do want instead. You will start off new patterns in your brain and things will start to change.

  3. Take responsibility – no-one actually cares about what you make of your life more than you do. It’s a fact. You can blame situations, people, your dog, anything you like about why certain things are not happening. But at the end of the day, the buck stops with you, yourself and you. If you want something then take a look at what you have and then find ways of making things work for you positively.

  4. Communicate – if what you want involves other people or other people taking action (like giving you a pay rise) in some way then you are going to have to communicate this to them. Other people cannot read your mind (even though you may think they can) and the only way to be clear is to have that conversation. Be brave, you may be surprised.

  5. Commit – If you really want something then commit to it. Make the decision that it is what you want then put all the necessary steps into action to make it happen. These steps don’t have to be big but they have to be consistent. Consistency means never giving up even if the going gets tough.

  6. Keep your eye on the prize – Design a vision board, write a letter from your future self and read it constantly, pin a picture on your ceiling so it’s the first thing you see when you wake up! Do whatever it takes to keep what it is you want constantly in your mind.

  7. Trust in the universe – Once you start getting clear on what you want and making small steps to achieve it, watch how things start to unravel to move you on your way…

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