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Is there enough space in your life for YOU?

Space, the final frontier, or so they say. But what is it about space that we find so appealing, so fascinating, so mysterious? Is it the intrigue of the unknown? Is it the possibility of new life? Is it the infinite chance that anything is possible?

And what about ‘normal’ space? The space that exists on earth?

The most beautiful places on the planet are where there is space. Gaze out at the sun setting over a vast ocean, look above and be mesmerized by the floating clouds or the distant stars, marvel at the beauty of an expansive shifting desert or the never-ending savanna. The world is full of outstanding places filled with nothing but beautiful, mesmerizing, calming, space.

Space offers us the chance to be still, to dream, to speculate, to fantasize, to mull over infinite possibilities, to imagine, to create, to just be. Humans are drawn to all things space. We covet it, we bathe in it, we indulge our senses in it and we dream of it.

Space is a wonderful thing to have in our lives and we will go to great lengths to view it. BUT, what about the beauty of space within our own lives? Within our own being? This space is equally as beautiful, inspirational, full of possibility and wonder, yet how much space to do we truly make for ourselves in our lives and in our minds?

As our internal world is governed by that which lies in the external world, we are drawn to space to ease our minds and restore us, to recharge our batteries and soothe our souls. Yet how many of us truly value or fully comprehend the fact that if we find and create space within, we can, in the same way, transform our external world for the better? We can soothe and restore ourselves from creating the space within so that we can change our external experience.

Just STOP for a moment.

For those of you who would say, yes but I don’t have time to just stop – ask yourself – really? Not five minutes to just stop and breathe, to just stop and imagine, to just stop and look up at the clouds? There are those people who always look for reasons why they can’t do something and there are those that just do it. It’s rarely a matter of time, but generally more one of priority. What’s in it for you? How can you be convinced that by scheduling a few minutes between chores, agendas, clients, whatever it is that draws you away from yourself, it will benefit you far more than plowing on with no recharge? You probably already know this deep down, but when did you last do it? The same can often be said for ‘fun’. When the going gets tough, go have some fun and watch as things recalibrate. But that’s a blog for another day.

Space enables you to rest, recharge, reassess, reset, re-evaluate and replenish. It will boost your clarity, creativity, your imagination and your ability to make clearer decisions. Don't forget this simple, effective reset button that you always have at your disposal.

Tech is a wonderful thing for a host of reasons but it comes at a price. Our ‘space’ has been stolen. Gone are those moments when we used to have random interludes to stare out of the window on the train or the bus, to look around as we sat in a waiting room for our appointment (some of us even used to talk to the other person waiting), when we sometimes just stood around daydreaming as we waited for whatever it is was we were waiting for. That space was important but now we have filled it with tech. Can you imagine being on the train or bus and not having your phone to bury your head in? Or waiting for your doctor’s appointment and not mindlessly watching TV or playing on your phone? Those moments of space were valuable as they created a chance for us to just be. Now they are filled so we have to make more conscious efforts to include space in our days when we can.

If creating space is a challenge, then treat it like another task. Book it in, schedule it as you would another meeting. Five minutes recharge time to take a walk, gaze out of the window, breathe, meditate, to just stop what you are doing and if you are really serious, I challenge you to turn off your phone for a few minutes! Why not try it? What have you got to lose? Why not give space a chance?

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