Samira, Business Owner, Sydney

"I highly recommend Trina to anyone that needs that little push in life"

I first came to Trina, with the intention to set goals for my business as I felt a little stuck.  I have since walked away with so much more.


Over the last few months I have learnt so much about myself, Trina has been able to breakdown so many off the barriers that I had within myself that reflected on my business.


I am now a stronger person, more confident in my ability to achieve work and personal goals.


Trina is more than a life coach, she takes time to understand you as an individual, I always felt safe and was able to open up on so much that I had held inside me.

I highly recommend Trina to anyone that needs that little push in life.

Helen, Administrator/Artist, Sydney

"Trina helped me to believe in myself and set boundaries"

A friend of mine had been working with Trina and I could see how much she had inspired her so I booked a session and I haven’t looked back.


She has helped me to believe in myself, set boundaries, and is helping me let go of my fears. (I am a work in progress :)) and I continue to work with Trina to achieve my goal of selling my paintings.


She has motivated me to push myself, into that very uncomfortable place called change. We have had sessions where I have cried and those where we have laughed, all the time working through life reach my goals.

She has never judged or criticised me and is a real inspiration. I am so happy that I made the decision to have coaching..  She is great at what she does and I always look forward to our sessions.


I would highly recommend anyone to have coaching sessions with Trina, to work on themselves and move forward in their lives and “burst that bubble”!

Jen, Sydney

"Our sessions brought me clarity and left me feeling energised"

I recall how I felt before working with Trina – depleted, exhausted, confused, overwhelmed, stuck. I wanted change but was challenged to work through everything myself.


I liked Trina from the moment I met her – she is compassionate and has a beautiful energy and I felt positive as we worked through our sessions together.


Our sessions brought clarity, and left me feeling motivated and energised. We worked through so much together, and it’s been hugely beneficial to unravel my life, discuss my passions, motivations, work through the stumbling blocks, overcome the negative self-talk and work on self-care strategies.


Above all she has been a great support, she's helped me to love myself more, to accept myself and to realise I am in control of my own life and I can do whatever I put my mind to - and that also includes starting my new business which is exciting.

Briony, Melbourne

"Trina won me over instantly"

Having seen professionals previously but never getting solutions, only re-hashing the past, I decided to try something different – coaching. I wasn't entirely convinced it would be the answer for me, but thought I'd tried everything else, so why not…Trina won me over instantly.


She made me feel comfortable straight away. She is open, non-judgemental and spoke to me with compassion. She really took the time to get to know and understand me. 

We worked through personal topics, work related topics, re-evaluating values and goals and how to make things happen. My mindset was truly changed, I felt more positive, I felt like I can achieve goals and my self esteem got the boost it needed. I felt comfortable in making things happen instead of sitting back playing the victim. 


I highly recommend Trina. Her insight is impressive and she really cares about making a positive impact. I continue to meet with her and can't imagine where I would be if I hadn’t of commenced coaching with her. It has been nothing but positive and life changing - I am much better for having done it and having Trina to guide me through it. 

Maria, Sydney

"Coaching was the best decision of my life"

We started by setting goals - which to be honest I thought were beyond what could be possible.  Each session we would go over my tasks, goals, issues I struggled with (& there were plenty) and Trina would offer guidance.  Slowly I started feeling more confident within myself, the negative self talk reduced to almost nothing & the constant guilt about so many aspects of my life reduced enormously.

All the while this was going on I could see that those goals I set at the very beginning of this journey were coming together. There were 3 highlights in the journey for me...

  • The day that I realised & acknowledged out loud that I was good enough, the day I truly felt LOVE for myself. 

  • The day I took ownership of things that happened in my life. 

  • The day I read out loud my 6 month vision -I couldn't believe that all of what I wanted had come to fruition. Those goals that I thought were unachievable ..well I have surpassed them.

I truly believe that going through this journey with Trina has made me a stronger, more confident person & as a result I finally got the promotion I missed out on at work 4 months prior! I think that everyone would benefit from seeing a life coach & I highly recommend Trina. Thank you for the journey you have taken me on & your help getting me to where I am today.


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